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I have many food restrictions already and adding Gluten to the list has been mentally exhausting. I created this page to show which recipes I have made with pictures (most of the time), mostly to help myself remember which ones I like. I will link over to the sites to make sure proper credit is given to the author of the recipe. Unless I specify all of the recipes are created by someone else way more inventive and experienced than I am.

My other page is craftingforlyme.com which is where I sell my craft items to help raise money for Lyme Disease organizations who help promote education and awareness.

Since I am doing this primarily for myself please let me know if I have been able to help anyone else along the way! Also, if you have any ideas, tips, advice or anything you would like to pass along to someone very new in this area, I am all ears! 🙂

Add also, when the recipe is listed as failure, it means I most likely did not make it properly and has no reflection on the person who created the recipe or the recipe itself. I am not doing this to hurt or bash anyone, just to see what I am capable of cooking and giving my opinion if I have one about it. I am not a chef, nor do I have any formal kitchen training, just a lyme patient who has tons of food restriction. That’s my disclaimer, fyi.


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