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Lately I have been watching a lot of different competition shows. I used to rag on them all the time and still kinda do, but in truth I like a decent amount of them. Some I do watch for comic value show, but the others I actually like. Shhhhh, don’t tell anyone!

Staying on topic, I was watching America’s worst cooks, or some similar title and they had a recipe on there for polenta. I have never eaten polenta or cooked but was excited because I was pretty sure it was gluten free. So I go online, dig up a recipe and start cooking. The corn meal I have was moms that she had laying around in her closet. I am trying to work with ingredients I already have in the house in all of the cooking craziness. Budget, budget. In keeping with that, I find a recipe that calls for ingredients I have…here it is:


Picture from recipe : 

It looks amazing, right??? I’m sure it is when done CORRECTLY. I definitely did not do that correctly.

I found out after I began to cook already that the corn meal I had was NOT the coarse ground corn meal. Eh, so what, I think and throw it in. In this recipe like most of the other polenta recipes I have come across you are supposed to cook the polenta for 30 minutes or so. Mine cooked in oh, 5 minutes. So yeah, that was clearly wrong. It ended up just absorbing the chicken broth and tasted and smelled like the chicken broth and not corny at all. In addition, it was sloppy like and when I left it to set in the fridge and then tried to take it out, it came out, but the second I touched it and tried to position it, it fell apart in my hands. I was very very very very sad. This was the main part of my meal, so this night I ended up eating some ground chicken with sauteed mushrooms…..in a taco shell. I swear I put everything in taco shells lately!!!

So I messed this one up good. I now have the right corn meal (I think) to make it. I am going to try the recipe on the bag that the corn meal came in just to try and be way more simple with it this time. Next time though, I am going back and trying this recipe because it looks absolutely delicious!

So wicked good dinner, this is totally not your fault. I didn’t make sure I had all the right ingredients and just tried to wing it. It doesn’t quite work that way in my world of gluten free foods. I just suck at change, and this is a big one!


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